I will post any substitutions or performances here.

Please check back regularly for updates.


11.05.17&30.05-29.06.17: New

I will be back at Tanzhaus Zürich givining profi Ballet training!


23.05.17: New

"Souffle"by DA MOTUS!  continues on tour, next performance at Chur :)



Tanzfest all over SwitzerIand! I will be performing "Souffle" by DA MOTUS! in Winterthur and Lugano.



All training at Brückenpfeiler Bern start again. Looking forward to see you in the studio.

Tuesday, 19:30-21:00 (Physical Dance)

Wednesday, 18:00-19:30 (Ballet Beginners level)

Friday, 18:00- 19:30 (Ballet Intermediate Level)

Please check the calendar regularlly.



All trainings at Brückenpfeiler Bern are closed during Spring holiday.



I will be teaching ballet classes at Profitraining Basel.

Both Saturday 11:00-12:30.


15.03/ 17.03.17: 

Regular classes are cancelled this week. Please check the calendar for detail.


17&18.03.17 19:30-: 

As a member of  egli_items company I have performances in the beautiful chapel of Helferei in Zurich, Revival of "Mitohni" (Premiere May 2016).

It is the piece with an interesting concept and I enjoy performing it, it would be nice if you come :)



I will be teaching during Sportferien!! No break for regular trainings :)

Tuesday 19:30-21:00 Physical Dance

Wednesday 18:00-19:15 Ballet Beginners level

Friday 18:00-19:30 Ballet Intermediate level

*Normally all regular trainings are closed during holidays.



I will be teaching at profitraining Zurich Tanzhaus, ballet classes on Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-11:00.



There will be no training by me during Winter holiday.

Regular classes 2017 start on 11.01 Wednesday 18:00-19:15 and 13.01 Friday 18:00-19:30. 



I will be teaching ballet classes at Profitraining in Basel. 

Check out for the detail here:



I will be teaching Profitraining (Ballet) at Zürich Tanzhaus.  

Check out for the detail here: 



I will be substituting ballet classes at New Dance Academy Bern.

10:45-12:00 Beginner

12:00-13:15 Intermediate/Advance



Regular classes start again! Looking forward to seeing you in the studio.


01.& 02.10.16:  

I have performances in Fribourg with DA MOTUS!

It would be great if you come :)



There will be no training at Brückenpfeiler during Herbstferien.



Regular lessons on Wednesday and Friday are moved to Saturday.  Please check the calender for details.



I will be substituting ballet classes at New Dance Academy Bern for 3 weeks.

Thursday 12:15-13:15 

Saturday 10:45- 12:00 Beginner 

Saturday 12:00-13:15 Intermediate/Advance 


15.& 18.08.16:

I will be substituting classes at Zofingen.

18:35-20:05 Ballet Beginner & Intermediate (15.08)

20:05-21:15 Modern Beginner (15.08)

18:45-20:15 Ballet Beginner & Intermediate (18.08)



I am offering an intensive ballet course, beginner level. 

Time: 18:00-19:30 

Cost: 80.- CHF  (20.- CHF/lesson.x 4 days) 

Location: Brückenpfeiler 3rd floor, Dalmaziquai 69. Bern.